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New Year, New Beginning…


My words for 2014 are Abundance, Inspiration and Excellence.

Abundance can be defined as “a plentiful amount of something”. I am thinking about the abundance of happiness, serenity, and harmony. The plentiful amount of joy that one can have in their life by being good to their mind, body, and spirit.

Inspiration can come from any source, what makes our heart beat? What makes us work harder and stronger to achieve our goals? What do we draw upon in ourselves to create the path to our dreams?

Excellence means something different for every person. It can be happiness, inner strength, career success, financial stability. What kind of excellence do we want to achieve in this new year, this new beginning.

As a Designer I am inspired by Art, Architecture, Fashion, and Beauty…anything that opens my creativity, that allows me to use my talents and skills in my Design firm ORA studio to help my Clients achieve their Design dreams. As I look forward to this New Year I am focused on these words, the inspiration, the excellence and the abundance in life.

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