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How to Choose the Right Material for Every Surface of Your Design Project …

When a client has made the decision to do some renovations and cosmetic tweaks in their space, one of the most important aspects of the design process is material selection.

There are many factors that can determine what materials the client will choose for every surface of their space.

Here are a few tips that can assist in deciding on the right materials for your home or office. These are some good preliminary questions before you begin working with a designer, showroom or sourcing materials yourself. It will save you time and budget if you are clear on your needs for your space.

  1. Who will use this space: Is it a home for a single person? family? Or an office that is highly trafficked and utilized daily? The answers to these questions will determine materials like flooring. Selecting a durable product is important if the space has a lot of use.
  2. What kind of natural light is in the space? This is important because it can help to figure out finishes like matter or glossy, textures and color. Think about shadows, glare and bleaching of fabrics and wall coverings from direct sunlight
  3. Are you someone that cooks and uses the kitchen area a lot? This most definitely matters when choosing a counter top, creating an island, appliance surfaces, cabinetry, kitchen plumbing and flooring. A well used kitchen needs to be composed of durable materials that are also easy to clean and maintain. Also consider
  4. if you want an eat in style kitchen and if this room is where family, friends and guests gravitate toward. This will also provide some clarity on furniture, seating and floor covering.If you have a family with many children, think about durability, high quality and lasting materials; no delicate materials that can be damaged quickly. Think about fixtures and tub and shower surfaces that are safe, functional and aesthetically beautiful. Also think about maintenance; are these materials easy to clean and what kind of cleaners can you use on a regular basis.
  5. If your space is an office, how high is the foot traffic? Is there a waiting area frequented by clients? This will also determine furniture coverings, flooring and carpets to protect the floor.

These are some items to consider when doing your material selection. It is important to match the material to the level of functionality so that your renovation can stand the test of time. It is also important to understand how these materials will interact with each other, how harmony can be created within the home or commercial space. Material selection is primary to the success of a project. I hope these tips can help the client to hone in on what materials are appropriate for their space.