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The Art of Geometry and Pattern in Design


I am in the process  of designing the interiors for  a large home and the Client’s desire is to have a grand  living space. My challenge and task is to create something that has the ability to fill this vast space and catch the eye without overpowering other elements in the home.

I am a devotee of clean lines, this ceiling is a combination of a Classic aesthetic with a Contemporary vision. My Clients also share this philosophy in their desired aesthetic for their beautiful new home.

I looked to geometry and pattern to design this coffered ceiling. The first floor becomes a spotlight for the home, setting the tone for the flow and harmony of layout, lighting and furnishing.

The square design brings a linear, clean, and sleek feel to the space. When creating this type of custom design, the proportion and dimension become the most important. The size of each coffered space must be perfectly in tune with other elements in the home.

In the image presented here, we can see the beginning stage of the construction, and the intricacy and accuracy that is needed to bring the design to fruition. The drama of the geometry will be complete when the finished product will be lit from within to create a  overall glow of the entire space.

Geometry is the backbone of Architecture, the proportion and angles and dimension are the tools we Architects utilize to bring a drawing to life in a real space. Then, the use high quality materials and expert execution come into play to create  artistry.

The clean lines of this coffered ceiling add an elegance to what will be a showplace for my Clients.


Our Year in Review…and Looking Ahead


As we closed  2014, I am thankful for the Projects, Colleagues and Clients we have had this year. In the Design business you rely on fate and timing a lot and that informs your work and creativity.

In 2014,  we delved into the Commercial end of Interior Design again  with our Colombo Mobili Showroom design at 200 Lexington NYC, which opened in March. We also flexed our traditional design muscles, and incorporated a Contemporary edge to this Old World Family  Company, the result was truly spectacular and the Client was thrilled at the freshness of their showroom.

I believe that versatility is important as a designer. I do not think we should always fit into this clearly defined niche. By going “outside the box” we can do some of our best work. Designing is my passion, and I am not fenced in to one type of Project or Client.

We also have an ongoing Project of a re-design of a Lobby in a beautiful Tribeca residential building. It has been a wonderful process and I am excited to see the end results in the New Year. These types of Projects are important for my design process, and along with Residential renovation and Interior Design, have fueled my passion for Client satisfaction, and functional and luxurious design utilizing high quality materials.

 I also have a new Residential Design project, a breathtaking Long Island mansion for which I am designing the interiors, selecting furnishings and designing the lighting. It is a grand space and much attention to detail is needed. I look forward to the end result and wonderfully happy Clients.

In all of my Projects I strive to maintain my standard of excellence, listening to my Client’s needs and concerns and turning challenges into dreams.

As I boldly begin 2015, I look to more fantastic Projects and Clients, I look for diversity in my design and I look to always learn and move forward.

I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues who have shared their words of encouragement, support and kindness. With a wonderful network of trusted friends and colleagues, comes the  development of new relationships and collaborations.

I wish all of you continued Success and Good Design now and always!!

Giusi Mastro and ORA studio