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High Drama: Setting the Stage for a Retail Showroom Opening


While staging a commercial space for retail purposes is based in a visual experience, preparing a commercial space for an opening night event requires even more attention to detail and an emphasis on the dramatic.

The opening event for a newly designed and renovated showroom is a first impression. It is an event that sets the stage and can make the business more visible in the industry and have increased success. The guests must be welcomed and transported to another world in a small span of time.

In New York City, there are many showroom openings and events almost every night of the week in the Architecture and Interior Design world, so people are often making short stops to each event and then move on to another, so they must be captivated quickly and also motivated to stay longer than they expected. The right mix of guests, from business contacts, to creative people and those in the “know” create an eclectic and electrified mix of people.

A showroom that is elegant, chic and designed in a way that guests can move freely and make their own tour and experience is important. My goal in designing the New York showroom for Colombo Mobili, an Italian furniture company founded in the late 1800’s, was to create a series of visual and aesthetic experiences. Their beautiful and classic products staged with the right objects, artwork, and lighting allow the guests to create their own vision of how these pieces and also objects and artwork could work for them or for their Clients.

The opening party’s purpose is to create the “buzz”, to have the guests talking about the event the next day to other colleagues and friends and to have an imprint of the product in their minds when they are looking for furniture for their Clients or personal use.

With the right objects and artwork the product is even more elevated and presented in the proper way to really reinforce the craftsmanship and high quality materials that this manufacturer is known for.

I am so proud of the outcome and also the feedback received from the opening event, all the guests spent a wonderful evening with beautiful furniture, art, music, a glass of champagne, new found creative ideas, and a wonderful memory. To me that is a success.


Setting the Stage…


How do we set the stage in Interior Design? We create drama in a space using color, texture, objects. It has been written that when we dream we are more creative and inspired than when we are awake. How do we give the client that Dreamy feeling? The goal of creating a feeling of drama in a commercial setting can be achieved by the use of these elements: color, lighting, and objects to evoke emotion, to entice the visitor to think creatively and get inspired by the items that the showroom has for sale. You can take that mood home with you by investing in furniture.

I am in the finishing stages of designing a showroom for an Italian furniture company here in New York, that features their beautifully crafted 19th century product. To create allure and the mystique and give the customer an experience is my ultimate goal. I want the visitor to step back in time and be inspired to dream about where these beautiful pieces can go in their own home or office space. It is my job to transport, to design the showroom as a visual journey and also showcase the product in the best light.

As an Architect and Designer, I am an artist creating not only a visual experience but a sensory one, that creates an effect and also promotes a commercial business, creating loyal clients and collectors.