The Top 8 Home Design Mistakes…

Even the savviest home designer can be tripped up by these styling pitfalls. Sometimes we choose fashion and trend over form and function. Here are some of the top decorating no-no’s

  1. Choosing fashion before function: We are all attracted to things that are visually appealing, including furniture that looks great but maybe not really that comfortable for daily use. It is the combination of beauty and function that makes for long lasting appeal and usability. Trendy pieces that are impulse buys often fall into this category. Focus on classic beauty that has a timeless design.
  2. Not Testing before you paint: Color plays an integral part in home décor and the right paint color can make or break your design dreams. It is smart to always test the color on your wall before promptly painting an entire room in a bold color. Test with the lighting, furniture and artwork for an integrated look. Harmony in your design is the most important. Select different tones and try them out before committing to one color.
  3. “I have always wanted this…”: Sometimes our dream purchase is not really the right choice. Seeing an item in your mind that you love, may not coincide with your lifestyle and the size and layout of your space. Think about how that item would fit in with the way you live daily and envision that in your space.
  4. Snap or Quick Fix Decisions: If you need some design therapy, think clearly about your goals and proceed accordingly. Doing any kind of decorating or renovation requires the requisite time and focus to envision, source, shop and integrate these new elements into the home. Buy quality items that are durable, instead of less expensive ones that will not stand the test of time. Buy once and be satisfied with your purchase.
  5. Over complicated Organization: Being organized is a positive but it can become overwhelming when you adhere to a system that is overly complicated and not something that you can incorporate into your daily life. Find a way to store and organize your personal items that suits you, that is easy and delivers on the look and feel you desire.
  6. Do Your Research When Incorporating Plants in the Home: Adapting a green lifestyle can be very beneficial and having flowers and plants in the home is good not only aesthetically but for our wellbeing. This décor decision requires research, upkeep, and maintenance. Purchasing the right plants or flowers for the home depends on many factors; lighting, climate, and environment.
  7. DIY remorse: The internet shows us so many pretty pictures of home décor ideas that “we can do ourselves” and makes a sometimes-difficult task look very easy. If you are not someone who is crafty, artistic or good with their hands, home décor DIY may not be for you. Ask an expert.
  8. White is so Calming…: the color white can be a great mood enhancer and de-stresser in a home, bringing serenity. White also requires careful consideration, especially if you are envisioning that fluffy white carpet, white leather sofa or white velvet chair in a well frequented room. Think about how you live… are there small children in the home? will you devote the time to keeping those white items pristine? If not, maybe choose a different color in a  lighter tone with a durable material

These are some of the common mistakes that people can make when we they to refresh or completely redecorate their home. The common thread of advice to avoid these errors is to think carefully, know your lifestyle and your space, and understand how decorating will enrich your life…

  1. Molto bravo!! very helpful, Giusi, thank you

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