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2018 Design Trends We Love…

Lexington Avenue Project

With the start of every New Year, there is a desire to reboot and refresh our lives. Whether it be in attitude, our personal look, or in our home décor, we want to see change; some enhancement ushering in a new and hopeful attitude. If your home is your focus, this is a good time to consult with a designer who can sense the changing needs of their clients and create design trends that will make positive changes.

One area that can benefit by revisiting its objective is the bedroom, stripping it of being a functional core and bringing it back to an oasis of peace and intimacy that it was intended for.

The Tufty bed from B&B Italia pictured here, is the epitome of luxury sleeping, with a calming soft neutral tone. The velvety carpet with its soothing feel adds warmth to the room. The lavender bedding complements and enhances the serene ambiance. Lavender’s properties are often associated with royalty and luxury, wisdom, dignity, and peace. This room is a great example of design trends working harmoniously, and lavender is becoming a color of choice of design professionals.

This space is simple and sophisticated, possessing the qualities of a modern fresh bedroom where we can really rest and detach. In large homes or small apartments, the way we live determines so much in our behavior. Every opportunity to create a sanctuary that we can relax in has become ever more appealing and necessary.

By using color, texture and lighting we can alter our mood, and focus our outlook to live in a complicated world another day, with a calming interior presence.

I am looking positively into the future carrying my love of design and my desire to fulfill my client’s needs with me along the way. With every step I take with my client during their project, I strive to find design elements that enrich their existing lifestyle, and for me that is always trending.

Happy New Year!