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Creating a Sense of Grandeur in a Small Space

Powder Room 58th Street

Powder Room 58th Street



When challenged with a bathroom space that is compact, there are certain tricks of the trade the designer looks to utilize to create a sense of expanse in small areas. Reflective materials and bold color schemes create the impression of larger space. Bright light and bright color are simple ideas for bathroom renovation that add beauty and style to a modern bathroom design without sacrificing the functionality.

Lighting fixtures and color schemes can dramatically transform small spaces. Bright light creates an airy feel and implementing reflective glass can visually increase a small space.

Bright illumination will make your small interior appear larger that it is. The choice of fixtures also creates a larger depth perception.

The image presented is the Powder Room of our 58th St. Project, I wanted to give the Client a little jewel box, a space that is luxurious in its material but functional. I also wanted to bring an element of nature indoors; this home is on a high floor of a building and does not have outdoor space. It is a very urban setting, so I looked to the country and park to get an inspiration of the wall décor. I designed this bluebird graphic and knew I wanted to do this in glass and attach to all the walls to give this powder room a sense of brightness and also luxury. The glass’ reflective quality gives the optical illusion of a much grander room with more square footage. I chose bright white fixtures and a mirrored light fixture and small cabinet.

Because it is a Guest Powder Room, I wanted to give the visitor a sense of whimsy in this small space, where they could focus on this beautiful artwork and become inspired by nature. The proportions of the toilet and sink work well and do not overpower this small area and the mirror also works to increase the perception of the room.

The color blue is also significant in my design. Blue is the color of the sky and is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness which is a perfect color for a Powder Room.

Having a custom piece in the Powder Room is luxurious, my goal was to transform this room that could have been an afterthought but now is a showpiece in the home. My Client was very happy with the outcome, which is the best news.



Designing a Functional and Modern Home Gym


Fitness and exercise is not just a “Fad” or “craze” anymore.  Exercising and some form of physical fitness has become a part of our day. Whether it be walking, running in the outdoors, joining a gym, or for those urban dwellers who have the extra space, a fully designed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing gym utilizing a space in their home. Some need motivation and where can that motivation to exercise be more easily accessible than in home gym?

The “modern” aspect of this concept starts with the design. When working with a Client who wants a home gym I assess their needs and what exercise and “working out” means to them. Do they want hi tech machinery or a pilates machine or a ballet barre or a yoga space. Everyone has a favorite way to exercise and maximize their workout. Do they want an adjacent spa, steam room? The sky is the limit in the level of materials and design, simple, ornate with amenities of the Client’s choice.

With a flexible budget, the Client can have a state of the art, modern gym personalized and custom designed to fit their needs.

A Client’s home is an extension of their personality and their lifestyle. A home gym is just another extension of their daily routine. In this age of instant accessibility a home gym is the ultimate luxury, for a healthy conscious and active client. This is truly the wave of the future having a full service gym and spa in the home. Time is so precious so why not cut the travel time and use it towards  maintaining  health and well-being in the comfort of your own home.