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Cinematic City…

 A cloud filled day today and a beautiful combination of Nature + Human Ingenuity is born… Architecture has many faces, these buildings here in New York seem mysterious, housing secrets and refuge on a blustery February, but their beauty remains. As an Architect the miracle of collaboration between these elements has so much significance…  We build “shelters” from many storms, natural and man made. But Architecture can be safe haven on  a day like today… A place to be warm, dry and thoughtful.  Take a moment and look out the window to see innovation at work, always astounding and gratifying.


From Iron Lady to Golden Lady….

 I am taking a brief pause from Architecture and Design today to say Congratulations to Meryl Streep on her Oscar for the Iron Lady. This luminous artist is proof positive that talent and creativity are innate… With a career full of wonderful roles and her self effacing energy, her honor seems even more fitting. BRAVA! to this woman of great talent and humility… Stunning from the inside out. !

Take the Chill off….

 If you are in New York City today, it is damp, rainy, a little chill in the air…One thing that is a prefect remedy for tired bodies is a luxurious bath. Taking a bath allows us to sit and think,  to clear our heads, read a book…linger and let your cares slip away. This  fanatastic tub from my Chelsea Loft Project is just what the Doctor ordered…. Relaxing and staying still is a discipline, but I think we are better for it, rejuvenated and ready to face the day head on.  Enjoy a bath… Pamper yourself, it is deserved. Have a Great Weekend !!!!

Viewing Party….

 This Sunday the Academy Awards will be broadcast to millions of people worldwide..The “Viewing Party” and other related Oscar  events have become a tradition here in the U.S. This comfortable Living Area is from my Chelsea Loft Project. It is as elegant as it is inviting and the sleek TV is the perfect focal point for this fun evening!  Entertaining   at home is a wonderful luxury, sharing your  space with friends and family  expresses your fondness and regard for your guests.

For more images from this Project you can visit

And the Oscar goes to….

H O M E…..

address, apartment, base, casa, co-op, condo, crash pad, crib, den, digs, domicile, dwelling, flat, flop, habitat, haunt, headquarters, hearth, hole , home, homestead, house, joint, lodging, pad, quarters, residence, roost, sanctuary, seat….

When we speak of something that can be identified by so many names… We can clearly surmise the importance of this concept. Home is… A place to lay your head, where the heart is, sweet home. It is the space where you feel, for lack of a better term “at home”…Being an Architect and Designer gives me a great responsibility…I am a “home preservationist” of sorts. I come in and rejuvenate the space while preserving its “home” status. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing from my client that they are comfortable and are in love with their new space. To me, that is a job well done.  No matter what your space looks like, how big or small… if you can really call it “home”, you know that is where the joy is.

ps This gorgeous space is from my UN Plaza project…I  was thrilled with the results. for more images please go to:

A Little Self Promotion…

  In these times of technology driven advertising and marketing, a “presence” on the Web is key. A company website is that “First Impression” that “Pleasure to meet You” moment. I am thrilled to present ORA studio’s website to everyone, because  I have added a new portrait and some wonderful testimonials from Happy! Clients… We appreciate the support and warm wishes from all those who follow ORA studio and hope to touch many more Architecture/Design lovers. Please take a moment and scroll through the Projects, and Products and also my Profile and Interview page.

Love is in the Details…

 Inspired by LOVE… These whimsical chairs can really accentuate a Valentine’s day at home… A romantic dinner a deux, a quiet night at home with the one that matters. These lovely pedestals are charming and unique…Even on all the other days of the year.

When you are looking for pieces to add whimsy, go for it…Go with  bold color, shape and graphics.  Happy Valentine’s Day, no pressure…. just LOVE.