The Modern Color Mix…

140 Charles Street NYC

The unexpected mixing of vibrant color is in full effect in home décor. The rise of pop color with neutrals and mixed jewel tones in Interior Design is directly influenced by fashion’s runways and what we see in stores and boutiques.

What we like to wear is what we like to see reflected in our home décor too. The key is mixing these bold tones with complementary hues that look chic, modern and not overstated. Clients like to see some drama in their living space, aspects that add energy and a touch of their own personality and aesthetic.

How can clients adapt the modern color mix in their own homes? First, do not fear bold color. Bold color can be one accent piece, wallpaper or artwork or it can be an artful mix of all these items working together harmoniously.

Mixed jewel tones can give your space a moody and romantic feel, creating warmth and coziness. Pop colors like neon shades work well when mixed with beige or earthy neutral tones as a backdrop. Pastels in different shades can be combined creating a soft and serene environment and have a calming effect. Appropriate lighting is essential so that the colors can be properly showcased to their potential.

Try accent pieces that are moderately priced to begin to incorporate color, and if you really like the effect invest in something with a higher value. A jewel toned pouf, a bright colored carpet or ceramics in bold colors can be a cost-effective way to try this new style. If you want to take it to an elevated level, try a bold paint color or larger piece of furniture to turn up the volume.

Think about what you like to see, about how color can affect you and then begin your selection. If you love soft colors, try lavenders, seafoam green, pale pink. If you love bold, go for red, royal blue, eggplant, emerald or wine-colored hues. If you love neon color, bright hot pink, chartreuse or fuchsia. There is no limit, go for what makes you feel energized, relaxed or regal, just try something out of the ordinary and create a space that really shines.

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