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Building a Beautiful Gallery Wall


A beautiful Gallery wall is a way of displaying an Art collection, family photos or cherished memories. The position and area where a collection is displayed is an important factor, so that the display is in harmony with the rest of the space. Creating this fluidity is the Designer’s duty to have a cohesive flow in the home.

In the image here this Gallery wall is a connector from room to room and runs along a well-traveled corridor in the home, an area that many people utilize daily so the Art is visible and appreciated on a daily basis, it is really showcased. By positioning the wall in this area, its potential is maximized by the home dweller and their guests who can marvel at the great artwork and also the proper layout to enhance its beauty.

The position of the work, size of frames and organization keep this display clean and simple yet chic and artistic. The framing is minimal to put the Art itself at the forefront and the colors and subject matter work together with the other elements of this area: a zebra wood floor, marble staircase, and the glass parapet and stainless steel handrail. The Art is modern in feel and works symbiotically with the materials and also the choice of light fixture.

When I have a Client who is an avid collector, I try to incorporate this aspect of their life into the design aesthetic, so that this Gallery becomes a focal point to the space and the Client and their family, and friends can appreciate the beauty and sophistication that a wonderful collection of Art can bring to the home.