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Making the Most of an Interior Design Consultation…

I have had experiences with Clients that began with a consultation and then the decision to do a project came later. I am a firm believer in a thorough and no commitment consultation option for Clients thinking of doing a renovation on their home. In my practice I offer what is called a Space Analysis Consultation which gives the Client some ideas, conceptual layouts and preliminary budget for their potential upgrade (see image above). There are some Clients who need to see a visual representation and have many questions before they embark on a renovation journey. This is where this type of meeting with a designer is incredibly beneficial. For a reasonable fee, they receive a report concerning their space and some idea of budget and basic layouts, color and material consultation, basic lighting and some guidance as to the best improvements for their home.

A site visit is included in the consultation, so the designer can visualize the area and meet the potential clients. My consultation does not require the Client to continue in the process with me. This is a stand-alone service, which I think entices the client to invest in this type of consultation. They do not feel forced to enter into a contract with me and are free to use their report with any designer of their choice.

The decision to do a renovation is a huge commitment, especially if it is the first time for a client. There are so many questions they have, most importantly, the budget to fulfill the items on their wish list. That is why this consultation is beneficial. It can give the client a sense of the big picture and the perspective to fully understand what their home can become with the proper renovations done by a skilled designer and a trusted contractor. A trusted designer can be a client’s best friend. The money the client invests in this Space Analysis Consultation in the long run will save them money if they decide to sign a contract and proceed with the renovation. The designer will have already made some decisions that can further the process along without any trial and error discovery. The designer also has spent time in the space and begun the creative process.

If you are considering a renovation of your home or office,and would like more information on ORA studio’s Space Analysis Consultation please email us at: and we can send you a Space Analysis Consultation form.




The Art of Geometry and Pattern in Design


I am in the process  of designing the interiors for  a large home and the Client’s desire is to have a grand  living space. My challenge and task is to create something that has the ability to fill this vast space and catch the eye without overpowering other elements in the home.

I am a devotee of clean lines, this ceiling is a combination of a Classic aesthetic with a Contemporary vision. My Clients also share this philosophy in their desired aesthetic for their beautiful new home.

I looked to geometry and pattern to design this coffered ceiling. The first floor becomes a spotlight for the home, setting the tone for the flow and harmony of layout, lighting and furnishing.

The square design brings a linear, clean, and sleek feel to the space. When creating this type of custom design, the proportion and dimension become the most important. The size of each coffered space must be perfectly in tune with other elements in the home.

In the image presented here, we can see the beginning stage of the construction, and the intricacy and accuracy that is needed to bring the design to fruition. The drama of the geometry will be complete when the finished product will be lit from within to create a  overall glow of the entire space.

Geometry is the backbone of Architecture, the proportion and angles and dimension are the tools we Architects utilize to bring a drawing to life in a real space. Then, the use high quality materials and expert execution come into play to create  artistry.

The clean lines of this coffered ceiling add an elegance to what will be a showplace for my Clients.

Designing a Functional and Modern Home Gym


Fitness and exercise is not just a “Fad” or “craze” anymore.  Exercising and some form of physical fitness has become a part of our day. Whether it be walking, running in the outdoors, joining a gym, or for those urban dwellers who have the extra space, a fully designed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing gym utilizing a space in their home. Some need motivation and where can that motivation to exercise be more easily accessible than in home gym?

The “modern” aspect of this concept starts with the design. When working with a Client who wants a home gym I assess their needs and what exercise and “working out” means to them. Do they want hi tech machinery or a pilates machine or a ballet barre or a yoga space. Everyone has a favorite way to exercise and maximize their workout. Do they want an adjacent spa, steam room? The sky is the limit in the level of materials and design, simple, ornate with amenities of the Client’s choice.

With a flexible budget, the Client can have a state of the art, modern gym personalized and custom designed to fit their needs.

A Client’s home is an extension of their personality and their lifestyle. A home gym is just another extension of their daily routine. In this age of instant accessibility a home gym is the ultimate luxury, for a healthy conscious and active client. This is truly the wave of the future having a full service gym and spa in the home. Time is so precious so why not cut the travel time and use it towards  maintaining  health and well-being in the comfort of your own home.

New Year, New Beginning…


My words for 2014 are Abundance, Inspiration and Excellence.

Abundance can be defined as “a plentiful amount of something”. I am thinking about the abundance of happiness, serenity, and harmony. The plentiful amount of joy that one can have in their life by being good to their mind, body, and spirit.

Inspiration can come from any source, what makes our heart beat? What makes us work harder and stronger to achieve our goals? What do we draw upon in ourselves to create the path to our dreams?

Excellence means something different for every person. It can be happiness, inner strength, career success, financial stability. What kind of excellence do we want to achieve in this new year, this new beginning.

As a Designer I am inspired by Art, Architecture, Fashion, and Beauty…anything that opens my creativity, that allows me to use my talents and skills in my Design firm ORA studio to help my Clients achieve their Design dreams. As I look forward to this New Year I am focused on these words, the inspiration, the excellence and the abundance in life.

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The Wall is Your Canvas…


When looking to add some color, texture or drama to a space, the walls are the ideal  surface . By transforming with paint,  large scale graphics or fabric, you can create an Art Gallery in your own home.

The image in this post, is a modern, custom graphic in the Master Bedroom from our Soho Loft Project at 40 Mercer, NYC. This graphic evokes an atmosphere and mood and transforms a large wall into a statement Art piece.

By keeping furniture and objects clean and streamlined, the structural walls become the star of your room. Color and texture on the walls create depth, warmth, and light.

This is a large scale canvas and you are the Artist. Anything can be created, with the most innovative materials, rich color tones or lush and luxurious textures.

Adding these elements can be the makeover that was needed, a fresh viewpoint on an existing room, or add charm, whimsy, and beauty  to your home.

The Science of “NOW” …

GREYGROUND Landscape -Crop

Everything in Modern Society, in advertising, marketing, and media is about the “NOW”. In 2001, when I started my firm here in New York City, I chose the name ORA studio because ORA means “ NOW, of the moment” in Italian   and because I am in the field of  Architecture and Design, I wanted to represent Design in the sense of  “now” pertaining to  Modernity and  a Contemporary sensibility.

Fast forward to 2013 and it seems absolutely everything from hair salon to dental office is called “ORA …. ” How did the “the NOW” , really come to the forefront of  society’s attention?  In this uber technological age of speedy acquisitions and immediate information, have we lost our patience, lost the sense of anticipation as a good thing ?

In Design, I subscribe to the philosophy of looking to the past to create for the future. I was raised in a small town in Puglia steeped in Medieval Architecture and History which shaped my aspiration and dreams to become an Architect and Designer. I also fell in love with the work of Antoni Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright and Oscar Niemeyer, and Mies Van Der Rohe who boldly went to the future to create their  mark on Design History.

In Architecture and Design I always think of the client’s NOW, what are their needs for their space  and  for  their lifestyle at the present time. What is important to live in that space right now and how as the Designer I can facilitate that. By explaining my vision clearly to my Client, they can see the development of their Project in real time and have a clear idea of what it will be like at the finish of the Project.

I design with the “of the moment” attitude… What is contemporary, appropriate and functional for my Client’s needs at the present time.

In the Age of NOW, Good Design is  always “of the moment” ….

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Author! Author!

  Compiling my first book, was an extraordinary task…not only do I have to look back and view my work,  but I must do it objectively. What would a reader and Architecture aficionado be intrigued by? When I set out to do this book, my first publication, I wanted to present what was at the core of my Design philosophy through my work. This takes months of examining images and coordinating them  in such a way that the book has some cohesion, some Harmony. I am thrilled to present this book to you, Architecture and Interior Design are my passion and I want to share this with others who feel the same.   This was a dream of mine and an accomplishment that I am truly proud of.

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