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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends,  laughter, good conversation, food and LOVE. May you all be Happy and Healthy …


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So You Think You Are a Designer….

With the news that Brad Pitt is designing his own furniture line, this “celebrity syndrome” has moved to Interiors. It seemed that recently every actress, singer and artist had a requisite fashion line and fragrance. And, as with any endeavor, some successful and some not. It was a business move to gain capital and maintain that delicate term “star status”.

Now we have moved to Furniture. Brad Pitt is an actor, celebrity, father and ” Armchair Architect and Designer” . He has done wonderful philanthropic work for battered cities like New Orleans in the wake of Katrina by providing funds and designs for new homes. I understand that being a creative person is to be unsettled to have a wanderlust of what you can do next, what project, what outlet your creativity can occupy.

Interior Design and Architecture is a difficult, painstaking career with years of study and devotion to all things precise. With that precision you add innovation, artistry and beauty. This is no small feat. The study of Architecture is brutal, it takes a strong character and an unmovable spirit and the realization that you MUST do it, not that you WANT to do it….

I think this is why when I saw Brad Pitt’s foray into my world, I must admit my reaction was two sided, one that said…Good for him, he is expanding his mind and embarking on a new venture… the other said…Well, by virtue of your celebrity alone you will be successful? whether your furniture is appealing or not?

Where is the balance between what we like as a hobby and what our passion and life’s work lies??

I think it is time for my film debut. I am ready for my close up!

It is time for all talented and accomplished Architects and Designers to plan their Hollywood Invasion,. I would like to see how a director would respond to us.