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The Science of Sustainability: Part 1


“Green” or Sustainable Design is a holistic approach to solving design challenges and any lasting resolution to a challenge must come in an organic way.

The first property of sustainability is Clarity of Purpose (Intent). What benefit does the design have to be considered “green” and sustainable? In making the design conscious will it have a lasting social impact and contribute to the reduction of the impact on the environment.

It is the designer’s responsibility to incorporate this Intent at the beginning of the design process. With every evolution of a space or product the element of “green” must be in every decision. The design process is elevated to include social consciousness and awareness and emphasize the importance of sustainable materials and construction processes. It is with purpose and carrying through this Intent that creates a lasting and influential design. This ever increasing way of designing is the wave of the future and we as designers, are global minded and eco conscious thinkers now more than ever.

In this new series of blog posts “The Science of Sustainability”, I want to explore all aspects of sustainable design and outline the properties that could contribute to a fully “green” approach to design from ideas, to construction, to utilization, to social impact and margin of profitability. We are becoming more aware of the importance of Sustainability in Design and are open to the ideas of incorporating this in our design process in the future.