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Looking towards 2012 … Architecturally Speaking

A Style for every Emotion…

You look to the  future and allow yourself to imagine the impossible… As designers we do this with every project. What are my client’s dreams? and how can I make them come true or even transcend them? It begins with a vision, when creating a home,  emotion is an integral part of the design process. Who will be living in the space and what are their needs? hobbies? passions? Something so personal as  designing a home comes with great responsibility. Not only to create a functional space, but one that is warm and inviting, one that feels safe and comfortable. Especially when dealing with renovations, you need to reassure your client that you are making their home better, more accessible, without erasing the emotional feeling they had from the home before. Having a “stylish” home is relative and based on the people who will spend a good part of their lives there. In modern Architecture, we use words like “minimal”, “zen” but that doesn’t necessarily mean an empty room. Harmony is crucial, whether you have a room full of furniture or just a few select pieces, how do they work together??? This is what is important. there are so many aspects to what makes a home “work”… Inspiration is also a big part of making the Client/Architect relationship work. Do we inspire each other? What can we bring to the table that will make the project, the one that client is dreaming about. Innovation is also key. To innovate within the boundaries of an existing space can be a challenge and a blessing. If the “bones” of the space are good, that is key to creating and honoring the original structure. As an Architect and Designer my goal is to create my best work every project, give the best of me to my clients and from that I will reap the benefits.

Here’s looking to a propserous New Year… by design!


Happy Holidays from ORA studio

   We wish you all a joyous Christmas! May the warmth you feel during the Holidays, last you a lifetime… We look forward to sharing more with you in a healthy and prosperous 2012!  Buon Natale!!!!!!

Hark How the Bells…

 Sweet gold bells! A modern and “haute couture” version of  a classic Christmas icon, the Bell.  This one is by Versace!!!  A modern and beautiful piece, that could become a timeless part of your decor for every Christmas … Viva Versace!

Edible Architecture…

   The fantastic Pastry Chefs at the Jumeirah Essex House Hotel here in NYC have created an over the top Gingerbread house! With remarkable attention to detail, they became architects… with flour , eggs and butter as their materials. If you are in NYC,  this is on display in the Lobby through the Holidays… Central Park South . BRAVO!!!!!

Rainbow Delights…

 Today I received a beautiful package with these fantastic confections… The Rolls Royce of cookies. Not only a feast for the eyes but for the palate…Vive Le Macaron!!!!  J’adore…..!

Thoroughly Modern at The Met…


This installation of modern and contemporary design objects features new acquisitions and other important works from the past century to the present. Highlights include René Lalique’s “Swan” necklace of opals and amethysts, a newly acquired chair by Henry Van de Velde, a playfully brilliant room divider by Ettore Sottsass, and a chandelier by the Dutch designer Joris Laarman. Also presented are glass, ceramics, metalwork, drawings, and posters.

All That Jazzzzz….

   An absolutely spectacular view and  real “New York” moment….The holidays are a great time to see a concert and the Allen Room,  Jazz at Lincoln Center could not be a better place.  It feels like you are in a snow globe  where light and shapes are the backdrop for fabulous music. Here is the link, there is not  a bad seat in the house…