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An Ode to Zaha Hadid: Design Innovator and Genius

Zaha Hadid

On March 31, 2016 the Architecture and Design world lost one of its most powerful and innovative voices, Zaha Hadid. In fact, society lost a great artist. Her sudden passing came as a shock that reeled through the Architecture community. Zaha was in the prime of her career, her most prolific period of her life with global recognition,  renowned projects, and the highest accolades.

I was deeply affected when I heard the news of her passing. Why now? What happened to one of my greatest inspirations and muses. As a woman Architect in a field dominated by men, Zaha clawed her way to the heights of success and esteem in the design field, with her boldness and strength and by her boundless imagination, technical skill, and vision. She shattered the glass ceiling for women Architects and Designers and then rebuilt it in her own way with her own unique vision.

The obstacles she faced in her career based on her gender seemed to propel her further. She used those struggles to forge her path without hesitation and gain the respect of her peers.

A designer without limitation, she created vast wonderlands of space with organic curves and influences of nature and a glimpse into what the future looked like through her eyes. She merged her culture and inspirations into her designs weaving artistic aspects with functionality. Whether it was residential, commercial, hospitality or public spaces, it is hard not to recognize the “Zaha” signature. This is what made her a legend and a force in the world of Architecture.

She will live through her structures, through her imagination and original vision and we as society are better for having had her on this earth.  She will remain an inspiration to women Architects and Designers all over the world, because of her tenacity and talent. Women in the industry will follow her lead, paving their own way to succeed in a profession that is challenging and demanding. As we remember her departure from the physical world, her spirit and creations live on and are loved and enjoyed by so many.

Rest in Power, Zaha, we miss you, but you will never be forgotten, your contributions to the world live through your designs.