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The Science of Color Part 2: Green is Good…


In my continuation of this blog series, the Science of Color, I want to examine what certain colors accomplish and evoke in a space, here I delve into the benefits and uses for Green in Interior Design.

Pantone named Emerald the color of the season for 2013, everyone is talking about “green” juice and the important health benefits it provides, and it seems that the whole world is “going green” with the importance of recycling and sustainability…

What does green signify? Especially in Architecture and Interior Design.

Green is evocative of the colors of nature, in addition, this color helps transfer clear perception, compassion and self-recognition. Somehow spending time in a green room calms us, refreshes us and creates balance. Whether it be Commercial or Residential, the success of any room relies on a combination of color and Architecture. Fresh accents of green help to lift and freshen up a pale interior, keeping a room calm and cohesive. The image seen accompanying this post is an image of my first Project here in the U.S., a restaurant called Savannah in Miami’s Art Deco District. A James Beard Nominee for Best Restaurant Design in 1997, the use of color in this space is integral to the overall feel and cohesiveness of this restaurant. Green is represented here in the wall colors and furniture chosen. With the mix of this soft green along with exposed brick, wood, and modern lighting, a luxurious and warm feeling was achieved. Using green in this space created an expansiveness and a sophistication carried throughout the space.

The reason that green is a fantastic color for Interior Design is because it is like a neutral color . It works well with bright accents colors and provides an anchor and can also work equally well with softer and more subtle colors, thus proving its versatility.

Green also expresses regrowth and rejuvenation, a sense of moving forward, a crispness and freshness. Green enhances a space and adds an element from nature.

When working with Clients, as always the aspect of color in a space is an important topic to discuss. Whether it be bold colors or soft neutrals, human response to color is a key focus when designing a Commercial or Residential space.

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