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It is all about the Mix….

 What makes a city exciting and unexpected??? Architecture, of course. I am fortunate to be in one of the greatest Architectural cities in the world… Where old and new mix to create this inspiring landscape. The  brilliant azure sky is just an added bonus to this image I took on one of my walks…. How could I  not be in a “New York State of Mind”??? …. Architecture is an experience…. It evokes emotion and awe and from every era there are certain structures that become Iconic. It is the mix of these eras that create a cinematic backdrop for all of NYC.


Ssssteam Heat….

  This is something to keep the chill out and let the serenity in…If you are fortunate enough to have access to a sauna, either at home or at a spa…relax and enjoy and let the heat soothe your body and mind. This sauna is from a current project here in NYC.  My clients are so happy . Our well being and health is the ultimate blessing….

Sustainable Happiness…

While on my travels in the wilds of New York City, I saw this sign and it said “Sustainable Happiness” and I thought about how this word “sustainable” has become part of the vernacular, and associated with a new way to think…now everything is “green”, “recycled”, “re-purposed” even “de-constructed”. These  are common  words that roll off of everyone’s tongues these days…Sustainable Architecture has a cache and “cool” factor among progressive, innovative and creative minds. To have a “sustainable” home filled with “sustainable” goods and powered by “clean” energy has become the “right” thing to do.

So, now Happiness should be “sustainable” too. I think that every human being does his or her best to be happy, and sustenance of said happiness  is inherent. Happiness has been around longer than solar panels or “green” energy as a concept. This is a concept as old as humanity because it comes  from within, guided by our experiences and emotions and relationships.

Then what can lead us to “sustainable” happiness???  Living well? Loving well? Eating well? Working well?

Sustainable Happiness is  rhetorical…While on this earth, being happy is the ultimate luxury and every day I do my best to be luxurious…

Freeze Frame…

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of NYC’s greatest treasures, a testament to the fact that Art is  Life. Take a tour of this beautiful exhibit of Italian Portrait Art. A portrait speaks volumes about it subject and these artists are the Masters. I attached a link below.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart…

I am feeling that Winter chill today. Especially here in NYC… Science says that when your hands are warm, so is the rest of your body. So why not get some uber chic and luxurious hand warmers… These are from Sermoneta, the legendary Roman glovemaker. When you are feeling cold and blue, these are sure to lift your “glamour quotient” and your temperature….Have a great weekend!

Tactually Speaking….

 I love using textures and tactual appeal in my designs. The client’s sensory reaction  to their home is the most important factor in designing a space. In this image from my project at 40 Mercer SOHO, I utilize the mixture of hard and soft- – the sleek, cool Dining Table by Armani Casa against this modern patchwork of soft texture… The carpet is really the co-star in this Dining Room, and the white table creates even more of a Pop. The colors are vibrant and a stand out! When looking to invigorate a space, think Texture and Color and create a focal point in the room.

The Stone Age…

 We are in the midst of Winter and our muscles and joints and circulatory system can work on overload… A Hot Stone Massage is a therapeutic, cleansing massage that can clear all the toxins and de-stress and soothe those chilled muscles.. Everyone needs a moment to re-charge and what better than to use something as natural and ancient as stone to calm our “modern” life.  This is the Age of Juxtaposition… We put our passions into our careers but the same should go to our health and well being.