How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Firm’s Brand…

There is no denying the power of social media and how beneficial it can be to a business and their brand. It is the epicenter of tastemakers, trend setters, designers, artists and an oracle for what is au courant in pop culture. For an Architect/Interior Designer, social media is a very useful tool. We are in the business of building dreams,  and are not only technicians but visual artists who use imagery to illustrate our concepts to our clients.

Instagram has become the premiere social media tool in business, culture, art, fashion and design. It is an easy way for designers to showcase their work and see how their brand appeals to this very discerning audience who are given so much to look at and so many choices. It is like a focus group, you post an image and you see the favorable response instantaneously and can identify more succinctly who your target audience is.

Design inspiration is plentiful on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Houzz which caters to a home design demographic.  Through these viable social media outlets, we can promote our business, services and upload projects, testimonials and videos and most importantly beautiful images that make our work shine.

A site like Houzz, that caters to interior designers, home repair professionals, Contractors, and clients is a directory for those not only looking for inspiration but also Designers, Contractors, and other services for their space. Their testimonial sections also enable reviews to be posted which boosts a designer’s visibility on the site. Now with their partnership with Ivy, they have expanded their viewing base and are providing professionals with even more access on their platform.

A design firm can make tremendous gains with a strong social media platform and garner global exposure in a market that is saturated by many companies. It is how you use that tool that is important, showcasing your work on reputable sites that have a professional presence with the excitement of a beautiful aesthetic. Saturating the social media platform with your work should be carefully curated. Choosing images of projects that show a broad range of work is best, so that potential clients can see the scope of your services.

Clients are savvy about what they want and will do the research to find that perfect match in a designer for their home, office or retail space. Their goal is to receive excellent results for their space and the best clients are those that understand that quality design and products increase the budget sometimes but make their space have much more value in the end.

Social Media is a positive for professionals in the service industry, if used wisely it can boost business and give your company maximum exposure.

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