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Technicolor Sunset…

 This is the sunset of a dream… Nature is the most powerful force, having the ability to creat unimaginable color and shape… It is in the shadows and light of this sunset that we can find clarity and peace. Take a moment to honor the creations that last mere seconds but leave a lasting impact. It is in  the mysteries  of nature that we can find  the answers, find strength.   Grazie NYC… you give great sunset.


We are Thankful…

ORA studio would like to take this moment to wish all of our friends  a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. May your holiday be filled with family and friends, sparkling conversation and delicious food.  Cheers to a great holiday! GRAZIE!

All Wrapped Up…

  A modern take on gift wrapping… This gorgeous paper will add elegance and sophistication to any gift. I love the subtle color and soft  pattern… It evokes a snow day, a piece of nature and art you can share.  Personal style has become such a part of our lives, it allows everyone to express themselves creatively.  So, no more red and green ONLY  for the holiday season, go modern and present someone with a gift that begins with the wrapping…

Topping it off…in style

 This Philip Treacy Fedora is a sure fire way to cure the Winter blues… Nothing says charm and elegance and “joie de vivre” like a fantastic hat to complete a look. Make a statement with this gorgeous Magenta Pink.  Treacy is an artist creating wearable sculpture to enhance the beauty of a woman… BRAVO!



Stimulating the Economy…

 If you are visitng New York City this Holiday Season, a must visit for cute gifts and treats is the Bryant Park Holiday shops…what seems like endless booths filled with handcrafted treasures are waiting for you….and what a better setting than a natural oasis in the middle of a modern Metropolis…. Enjoy and explore!  For a little info, here is the link to retail heaven.

Work in Progress…Staircase to the Stars

  This is from one of our latest projects…Soon to be a completed and Fantastic Spiral Staircase. This is a sculptural detail that adds not only shape and form but an element of functional Art for the home.  We cannot wait to show you the finished product.

Let’s Party!

 Entertaining at home is a big part of the coming Season, with the Holidays approaching what is  better than to share good times and conversation with family and friends in an elegant and beautiful setting… This Winter White table decor is gorgeous. When we create an atmosphere that is inviting and beautiful, it is the best treat to give to your guests… and the lighting is also key. Who wouldn’t look FABULOUS at this table?