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2016 and the NEW Meaning of “Designer” …..




As we welcome the year 2016, what does the future hold for the Designer? Gone are the days of niche designers, who specialize in one medium, style or genre. That concept is antiquated. It has become the age of the Multi- Talented  Designer/Entrepreneur. In today’s design market and design business, the Client looks for that designer who can adapt, innovate, and solve all the challenges of their new design or renovation. It is essential for the designer to be multi-faceted, able to work in not only Architecture and Interior Design, but lighting, space planning, custom furniture, and Art.  More and more the emerging “new normal” is for the designer to have multiple talents, even outside the design world of interiors and architecture. A focus on art and fashion is desirable, even film and photography. Clients trust in someone with a vision and  an artistic sense that creates concepts beyond what they thought possible and  the designer who can execute them.

It is the age of the Designer/Entrepreneur, the self-contained company that provides guidance in all aspects of design, focusing on space design and renovation but also catering to an ever more savvy and worldly clientele that are knowledgeable and well-traveled and that want their space to reflect their style and taste levels, and they do not have to hire 4 different professionals to do each task separately, it is a convenience for the Client.

Coming from a family of artists and ceramists, this has always been a quality that I have integrated in my designs. I continue to be that designer who can do design tasks and also create and select art and fabrics and objects that work well in my Clients’ spaces. It is with my knowledge of art and fashion and history that I can be that well rounded and versatile designer.

I look forward to new Projects and challenging spaces for 2016, I always strive to innovate and use my creative abilities to elicit the best results for my clients, whether it is a commercial, public or residential space. By being well rounded, the Client reaps the benefits and has a cohesive and harmonious design.

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