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Small Projects Do Not Mean Less Work…


Often in my professional experience, there has been this scenario: a client has uttered these words during a consultation…”oh, it’s just a small project …” I instantly get that innate sense that …it will not be that small in reality. A project’s size does not always determine the amount of design, thought and construction.

Small spaces, like a studio in New York, a small boutique, micro office, or apartment lobby can be potentially more challenging than for example, a large loft or 2000 square foot space. It is about how the space can be transformed to cater to the client’s needs. Clients have ideas for their small space that seem possible in theory but when we really look at the dimensions and layout we may find more challenges than the client though. Everything in a smaller space is like a puzzle; every piece must fit together in order to function.

Whether the space is small or large is not always what determines the roadmap of design and what the client wishes. In the process of design, the Architect/ Designer identify certain design features that work properly in smaller confines. There will inevitably be special restrictions that must be overcome to create a space that is both aesthetically beautiful and fully functional utilizing every little area to its potential.

In the theater, there is a saying…”there are no small parts, just small actors…” This holds true to the Architect/Designer. Every Project is major, no matter what the size, but it is the approach, challenges, and confines of the space that make every project unique. Even what may appear as a small amount of construction and renovation, may not be small amounts of design.