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This image, from our UN Duplex Project, really demonstrates how  a Bar can change and enhance a space and really make your home a wonderful environment for entertaining.  This sleek Bar fulfills another seating area and offers  a different viewing vantage point for you and your guests. When you have friends and family to your home, it works  to have a lot of seating and places where they feel comfortable and relaxed, where they can move about and mingle. Because the Bar is white, it allows for colorful personal touches, be it your favorite bottles of  Spirits, Decanters and Glasses. This Bar makes a wonderful statement about the space and who you are, and that sharing your home is a pleasure.


Back to My Roots…

August is my Birthday month and I think when our birthdays come around we all do some quiet reflection.

My love for Architecture and Design came from my town in Italy, I grew up in a beautiful village where at every turn you saw a work of Art. This image is a perfect example of the Beauty that I saw in my childhood.  I also came from a ceramist family,  so creativity was coursing through my veins. My artistic development has been both Nature and Nurture, and I am better for it. I am thankful for my Creative Spirit and my love of all things Artistic…and another year of life.

Team Effort…

In the spirit of the London Olympics, I salute the “Team Effort”. As a Designer and  Architect I look to skilled artisans, craftsmen, technicians, and all around talented people to work with me to bring my vision for a  Client’s space to fruition. They enable me, with their technical knowledge, bring to life the creative ideas from drawings to reality. In this image a talented stone expert  and I are  going over some plans for our 58th Street Project. It is the joint effort of these minds that produces a wonderful space and a satisfied Client. Thank you to all of the wonderful people I work with! together we build spaces beyond my Client’s dreams. I only hope that we can continue our professional collaborations and create lasting and beautiful work.