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A Clear Vision…

This image is of the Master Bathroom Shower of our Charles St. Project…Before I take professional photos, I like to go in the space and take some photos myself, to archive. When nearing the end of a Project, I like to be in the space and get the feel of it before most of the personal items of the Client’s have been placed. I love the starkness and modernity of this Bathroom.  I am thrilled with the results from our craftspeople, installers and manufacturers. A Project such as this, is a team effort… If we all do our best, the end result is spectacular! ps I like that I can be seen in the image too.


Decisions, Decisions…

 As an Architect and Designer, it is always my goal to work with the finest materials, to provide my clients with materials that not only look good but stand the test of time and daily life… My recent trip to Milano allowed to me visit some showrooms with the highest quality of products. In this image are some incredible modern sinks  and fixtures for the Bath…With so much at our disposal and of course working with a Client with a flexible budget, you can really achieve some absolutely luxurious  and inspired  areas of their space.

Private Screening…

This image is a work in progress from our Charles St Project… I think too much of anything is never  good but moderation is key. I think that if you have a family and like to entertain people at your home, a state of the art TV and  entertainment system is an important aspect of a room. Whether it is the Super Bowl or the Oscars, I think of  friends and family gathered around in this great space, talking , sharing,  and watching some terrific entertainment. I really like the elegance of this smoky grey wall with the white walls . The backdrop for the TV looks chic and unobtrusive… on to Sofa Selection and beyond to create a balanced space to entertain or relax…!

Client Appeal….

Today I post No Image…only thoughts. All businesses go through ups and downs. Those  down moments are evident especially among “Client Based” small companies. It is firmly engrained in our minds that No Clients = No Work and No Work= No Revenue…. So what is the key to remaining relaxed, confident and “client appealing” even in the down moments??? Inherently you must believe in your vision, your business, and your talent. Just because you do not have a Client at the moment does not make you untalented, or unsuccessful . And what kind of Clients do you want? I feel that every human interaction is energy, and Clients can sense a feeling of desperation or fear when entering a meeting or consultation. Some Clients might prey upon that and ask for things that are unreasonable and that in a “good time” business wise you would never do…. Remaining “Client Appealing” is the most important energy to have.  Self Assuredness, Pride in your work or product and the unwavering positivity that a wonderful Client is around the corner is imperative. When we feel self possessed and know that our work is our passion and something that drives us to success, we will always be “Client Appealing” .

The Next Big Thing…

As an Architect and Designer, I am intrigued and passionate about Innovation. I had the pleasure to visit the Boffi Factory in Milano and saw the latest in Kitchens and Bathrooms…Funtionality, Durability, Longevity and Style are imperative to what I do… I am fortunate to have access to these products. It was a fresh breath of air to see people creating the Next Thing… Like in  life, I am in pursuit of what makes me happy and in my career, what makes a happy client!

Am I Blue??

 Nothing says “luxury” more than a comfortable sofa… the focal point of a Living and Entertaining space…where Family and Friends chat, watch a movie or simply relax…This sofa plus the stunning views in our UN Plaza Duplex Project, are a perfect combination, the shade of blue is rich and warm and inviting. What more is there to enjoy in this space???