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Selecting the Right Contractor: Some Helpful Tips…

When a client is ready to renovate their space, after they have selected the Architect, selecting the right Contractor is the next step. It is so important in the process. Moving forward with your project in the right direction and following these tips for Contractor selection will save the client from any surprises. Many times the Architect can recommend someone who they trust and who they know has a good reputation and professional work ethic. But there are times when the client selects the Contractor themselves. Here are some helpful tips to remember when searching for a Contractor for your renovation or construction project.

  1. Communication: the Contractor must be responsive to your questions and also prepared for any challenge and have the ability to go over and explain scenarios to the client.
  2. Punctuality: being on time for appointments and meetings and also having a clear and concise job site schedule reflects on their professionalism. Time is money.
  3. Transparency: A good Contractor will be upfront about prices and change orders that could occur. I would steer clear of a Contractor who over promises, then under delivers. They should be honest about their abilities and past experience.
  4. A Contractor should educate the client about the extent and challenges that may arise during the renovation, be a listening ear but not a “yes” man. They must be able to tactfully advise and let the client know that maybe something that they want is not cost effective, or appropriate
  5. There should always be a good rapport, if the client is comfortable discussing all elements of their project freely with the professionals they hire, this will only lead to a more successful project, with excellent results.
  6. Architect/ Contractor rapport: while it is important for the Client and Contractor to have a good rapport, it is even more important that the Architect and Contractor do. They will work side by side to design and execute the design, collaborating to provide the best service for the client. The trust level is important and the ability to accept suggestions and compromise on issues for the good of the project is crucial. Their relationship can create a magical result.

These are just a few basic tips for selecting a proper Contractor for a renovation. Having these ideas in mind during the process of Contractor selection can save the Client headaches and issues that can arise when the professionals that are hired are not capable to problem solve and rise to any challenge. An informed, communicative and professional Contractor leads to a successful and beautiful project with long lasting results.