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The Science of Creating a Happy Client…

I think the most rewarding outcome of any Project is a Happy Client….but what is the Science and steps that the Designer applies to creating that “happy” Client?

When meeting with a Client to embark on a residential refresher or full renovation, we listen very carefully to what the Client’s needs are, what their desire is, what challenges they face and what budget they have in mind. From there we create a clear plan of action and a process that we convey to the Client  step by step,  in order to have their involvement and clear understanding  of the overall  Design and Construction process and to provide a line of communication and trust. I also can impart my vision and  encourage   the Client to dream beyond their expectations, to think of their space without the boundaries of any preconception. My goal is to help that Client understand the process of the work, from inception to fruition.

I like to emphasize 3 important concepts that I represent as a Designer:

  1. Luxury, not necessarily monetary, but luxury of comfort, of grandeur, of possibilities
  2. That our services are all inclusive, encompassing space layouts, lighting design,  material and furniture selection.
  3.  My rapport with the Client and the guidance and trust that I can instill in them to create a space of dreams.

While  there is no exact formula because each Project has its distinct voice, Client/ Designer relationships are based on mutual respect, interest in the Project, and trust. My firm ORA studio has launched a video called   “A Testimonial from a Happy Client” that really illustrates what goes into creating and maintaining a great relationship with a Client. I think this is a wonderful tool to demonstrate the world  of  ideas and great results attained  when you and your Client have that rapport.

Please take a moment and watch the video   

With every Project’s completion I am learning about the intricate details of personality, and how that relates to my profession. It is a Science and I  am like a Doctor of Interiors….I give  a diagnosis of what your home or space needs, I treat it, by creating a functional layout, using high quality materials, and I have a “bedside manner”, navigating  my Client through all the challenges that a Project may throw at us and assuring them at every step that the end result will be a success.

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