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The Science of Serenity : Designing a Home Spa

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Our Home is our sanctuary and there are certain rooms that are special because they honor privacy at the highest level. Homeowners are embracing more and more the notion of a space in their home that is beyond a traditional bathroom. There’s something transcendent about a luxurious Master Bathroom. The oasis from the outside world and a private area that can be transformed into a personal spa. Imagine a beautiful soaking tub with space for candles and objects, steam shower or personal sauna,  that evoke Serenity. When I meet with a new Client we discuss what is important to them, their needs, and their aspirations and the Master Bathroom is an area that is discussed in great length. Whether it be a large soaking tub, glass shower, or even personal sauna, these requests are important and coincide with the lifestyle of that Client.

I love to design a bathroom that feels spacious , one that is both inviting and  extremely functional. It is all in the materials and layout that maximize utility. There are some basic components that a good bathroom space should have: Beautiful and high quality materials (marble tiles, glass , Corian) comfortable counter space, wonderful lighting,  perfect color selection,  storage and most of all  privacy….

Some Clients really desire the feeling of a Home Spa created  to de-stress and  maintain their privacy and have the  luxury of a spa in their own residence.

As a Contemporary/ Minimal  Designer, I am drawn more to  light colors , especially when the space is really small,  but  ultimately the design of a bathroom/home spa either white or black or marble of any color, is the result of being complimentary to the rest of the space and the Client’s personal taste, which creates the ultimate “pampered” feeling, and exudes tranquility. I do like bold color that is well placed. The use of color is powerful. Every tone must work in symbiosis, it should not be jarring or off-putting. In my previous Blog about the Science of Color I speak about how color effects our moods and feelings… so it is imperative in creating the Home Spa, that color is used both artistically and functionally.

In creating a home spa, lighting is an essential part of the design which also has an emotional effect.  Lighting should be warm, welcoming and calming. A specific lighting design is necessary to achieve the full potential of the space. Are dimmable lights important? maybe around the tub? so that candlelight can be introduced to create a specific “mood”, should there be brighter light in the vanity for makeup application, shaving for the men….? These are all questions that are pertinent to building that Spa feeling…

In the image presented, this Master Bathroom is from a recent ORA studio Project in Manhattan. The large soaking tub is perfect for a peaceful bath to wash away the day’s worries. A separate stand up glass shower gives the Client a choice…and can also be used as a steamy escape from the day. There is space near the tub for products and candles if desired. Creative and personal touches can be displayed also incorporating elements from nature, be it flowers or wood or coral or a favorite scent.

When presented with the task to design a Spa at home for the Client, all these aspects need to be considered to create the ultimate private Spa. Yes, there is a “Science” to designing a proper Spa bathroom at home. In Design, there is a Science that accompanies the creative process, it is here in this blog that I will examine, color, light, décor, texture, shape …and what the Science is to creating winning and beautiful combinations for a wonderful home, office or commercial space.

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