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“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein

We remember all those whose lives were senselessy take on 9/11/01. Let us pray for understanding and peace in this world.

NYC Fashion week in full swing… I love the graphic elements of this BCBG dress…. light as air but powerful! the geometry and the mixture of hard lines and soft fabric make this an enviable look… Vive la Mode!!!

ahhhh sleep….

I love the modern edge this bedroom has. yet, it still has a comfort level that a bedroom sanctuary requires….This is from a newly finished project in Soho NYC….

A pop! of color…

As we move into a new season, let’s re-ignite and re-charge with a POP! of color. This rendering is from my project in a Soho loft in NYC… I love the drama that the red creates while still being simple and elegant, never  garish.

A view of UN Plaza

From Giusi Mastro…

In this blog, I will explore ideas and practices as they relate to Architecture, Design and Lifestyle…As an Italian Architect/Interior Designer I strive to create harmony and have a clear creative vision keeping in mind the idea  of simple luxury that is modern and comfortable. This quest for harmony expands into daily life . I hope you enjoy my new blog and I look forward to our conversations…i encourage an exchange of ideas  and helpful tips on living well and designing well.