Leaving a Legacy…. An Architect’s Wish for 2017


As another new year approaches, we wax sentimental about what we did, felt and accomplished in the 12 months leading up to the changing of the year. As I look back on my year, I want to remember the good, which I think is important and focus on what was positive. I think I can say for most that this year was challenging, it tried our patience, faith and tested our trust that there is good in this world.

For an artist and designer, I want to end the year acknowledging the happy clients, and successful projects completed. But what is beyond that wish not only for the year but for years to come?

I think that an Architect of great passion and innovation strives to create their legacy, which is written in their structures. The desire for an Architect is to leave a lasting and important contribution to not only the history of design but for history itself. To have a structure that stands the test of time is the ultimate dream. To add to the lexicon of global history is the catalyst for innovation and creativity in the design world. It is with that dream, masterpieces are created, wishes exceeded.

An Architect’s passion and perseverance stem from their dream to create innovation and lasting structures that are both beautiful and functional that change the way people live.

I believe that each year is a step in leaving our legacy, our mark on this world even after our physical presence is no longer. In this New Year I continue to build my legacy step by step, pushing the boundaries of what can be and creating from a place of honesty and love and sincerity. I wish the same for everyone; build your legacy in what you do and who you are and how you can help your fellow human. Continue on that path to inner harmony and peace and use the gifts the universe has given you for good.

Ps I began my new path in August of 2016 as I walked down the aisle of a church and got married….



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