Spring Blooms…Bringing Nature Inside

Lexington Avenue NYC

Lexington Avenue NYC

Spring is a season of renewal, the weather becomes increasingly warmer, and we are all coming out of winter’s hibernation. One of the most notable arrivals is the blooming flowers and buds that this spring season brings. The essence of nature can be easily brought into a space. Flowers and plants are a decorating tool that can enhance, calm, brighten and some can fill the air with fragrance. Plants and  architectural floral compositions can highlight a design element or make an otherwise neutral space come alive with color.

The placement and object that will hold the blooms also becomes part of the design decision. Plants are considered good feng shui (a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy), an element important in creating the balance, flow and harmony in a home. They are alive and therefore add living energy to a space. Plants are a long term commitment and need to be cared for and maintained. You can invest in a long lasting plant that will live many years if you want to make that commitment. Flowers are more temporary and can be switched and placed with more creativity and variety.

Flower arrangements work very well in an entry way, as a greeting to your guests, as a centerpiece of a dining table or kitchen table or as a calming element in a master bedroom suite or master bathroom. In a living area a beautiful and tailor made arrangement can highlight a statement piece of furniture or a mantel of a fireplace.

As an Interior Designer, I like to stage all my projects for professional photography, and I love the way that flowers create an instant personalized feeling to a room. They add color and texture and when arranged in a beautiful object adds visual impact to an otherwise minimal space. They can really make a room pop and come alive.

Spring is the optimal season for integrating Nature indoors; most flowers and plants are accessible and affordable in the Spring. Adding this item may seem a small design tweak, but a room with flowers cultivates a homey atmosphere and will bring that spirit of renewal inside your space. It is a design aspect that can easily transform a room and change the ambiance.

Spring is the time for new beginnings, for fresh creations, and starting over. We have come out of our cocoon and it is the time to begin anew. Home is a sanctuary and by bringing nature inside your home can be a welcome refresher to your décor.


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