Welcome to UN Plaza Duplex…

Living Area at UN Plaza duplex by ORA studio

Living Area at UN Plaza Duplex by ORA studio

Residential Design can be extremely gratifying and also sometimes challenging. As a designer, I am inspired by structure and Architecture of the space itself. In one of our latest Projects, that is now on our website at www.orastudionyc.com UN Plaza Duplex was such an inspiration. In an iconic building on the east side of Manhattan with panoramic views of the East River and also the United Nations Headquarters, the location itself was awe inspiring and beautiful.

Our Client was embarking on a new chapter in his life and was excited at the Modernist idea that I relayed to him. We began the design of a large duplex with custom fireplace, and a grand spiral staircase and foyer, just to name a few of the standout features.

In an apartment with so much space, it is important to keep the feeling of harmony, this was a home and I felt the responsibility to maintain the integrity of that feeling, comfort mixed with luxury and livability. The Client has a very extensive art collection which served as a backdrop for Architectural details and features in the space.

From the grandeur of the entry foyer with its modern spiral staircase leading to the second floor, to the pristine kitchen with eat in area to the large scale living area with custom fireplace and bar, this duplex is modern in its concept but never loses the feeling of  being a home.

By using high quality materials, stone, marble and high end flooring, and elements of luxury such as a sauna and large master tub, the Client is presented with a space that will stand the test of time. The furnishing reflects the Client’s aesthetic and suits the space and the stunning art collection works well with each piece carefully placed for maximum viewing. Though the overall palette is neutral the pops of color added are the appropriate accent without looking too garish, and overdone.

I want you all to take the tour of UN Plaza Duplex; it is a beautiful space and was a labor of love to design…

Become inspired at www.orastudionyc.com



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