The Art of Accessorizing…


Accessories are the jewelry of the home. They are that finishing touch that makes a house a home that evokes a personal style and makes the space the Client’s own. People can tell so much about a home when they see how it is accessorized . Accessories add the charm, the warmth, and the visual statement, the testimony of the home owner.  What attitude, harmony and spirit does the Client want their space to convey? Home accessories can range from large statement pieces like vases or objects, to flowers, to books and personal photographs.

There is an Art to putting together what the Client likes in a harmonious way. This is where a Designer’s eye and vision come into play. By working with the Client on accessory selection the Designer can offer advice on where and how to group new objects purchased or how to repurpose existing objects and make them seem new again. Accessories are so personal; they are like a press release for the home. Accessories serve as a reflection of taste and who the Client is.

When working with a Client on the accessories which most often are the final stage of décor, it is important to see what works in the space, according to colors, form, proportion, and volume. Does the Client like large objects strategically placed but minimal in quantity or many smaller objects in groupings in many areas. Does the Client like natural elements like plants, trees or flowers in the space? There are so many aspects of accessory selection that need attention. It is indeed an Art to make objects work together to present a unified vision.

I chose two images from my Projects one in Soho NYC and the other in Midtown NYC. Each one demonstrates the subtle placement of well thought out objects working in harmony in a Contemporary space. Books are a great accessory adding color and volume to a space, they are both decorative and functional, these two images are not over the top but thoughtful in the selection of minimal yet impactful accessories. I do not inundate the new space with accessories right away, I  want to give the client a chance to grow in there space. It often happens that the Client calls us for a consultation at a future date because they want to purchase some different objects to change the décor. The space does not become locked in time, it is free to evolve with the Client.  There is a fine line between overdone and well appointed. By highlighting the Client’s taste the home feels lived in and comfortable.

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