The Art of Communication…



Being the Architect/Interior Designer on a Project entails much more than just a vision and execution of that vision for your Client. A good Designer presents a strong presence and also must possess the ability to convey that vision to craftsmen, artisans and contractors working on that Project. The Art of Communication is an important element in the design process, not only to oversee all phases of Design but also to express, listen and build a productive working atmosphere with others on the job site.

The people that work on your vision are vital to the fruition of every Project and as the Project Manager, a Designer requires a specific skill set in the art of creating a give and take rapport with other professionals.

I think it is important to be firm yet also believe in the expertise that your crew brings to the jobsite. Yes, they are there to carry out your design, but they also possess technical knowledge and experience that could benefit everyone at the end of the journey.

We are there for one common goal, to do our best and to make the Client happy with our work.

As in life, being a good communicator is so important, listening and speaking to others in a way to bring out the best in everyone, to create trust and mutual respect and, in the workplace, to build professional relationships that are lasting and beneficial for everyone.

Being the Architect and Designer on a space is not a solo effort, from demolition to construction, we rely on our crew to  assist us in creating the most functional and beautiful spaces for our clients, in a timely and cost effective manner.

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