The Power of Pattern as a Design Element

140_Charles_St 017

In Art and Architecture, decorations or visual motifs are combined and repeated to form patterns observed by the five senses, eliciting an emotional response, a sensory reaction.

There are natural patterns, like spirals, waves, or swirls and also geometric patterns which is a kind of template formed from shapes that repeat and have a sequence.

When designing a space, Pattern can play a very integral role in the feel and harmony of a room. If you want to keep color and furnishings minimal, you can use Pattern as the focal point of a room, whether it be on a wall graphic, a painting, fabric, a rug or even a piece of furniture. This becomes the area of interest, that works with the furnishing, lighting and color in the room.

Pattern can be utilized as a “refresher” for a space when used on walls, like a wall laminate, mural or wallpaper. It can be used as a minimally invasive solution to a room that has become dull or needs some energy, without having to completely renovate and purchase all new furnishings.

In Contemporary design, Graphic Patterns are used as accents and art, with simple linear design a graphic and geometric pattern looks fresh, clean and chic. The image presented here is from our 140 Charles St. Project, we used pattern to cover all walls and ceilings to create depth and drama in this jewel box bathroom.

The impact that a bold graphic has on a space changes the atmosphere and energy. Whether it is minimal, monochromatic, or multi colored, pattern is a driving force and tool when used in an artistic way by the designer and creates a beautiful addition to any space.

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